Notice Board

September, 2012
The functionality of a Hardware will never change until when the Microcode that empowers its functionality is changed.
The [Nature of desire] which facilitates (Cause, Influence and Regulate) the [Nature of being] is unconsciously increasingly tending into Malevolescence & Virulence thus the efficacy in maleficence.

November, 2005
Fundamentally, the ongoing [experience of physical reality] including Global challenges and existential risks; is the empirical Physical Outcomes of the [Nature of desire].



Strengthening Human endeavours to thrive, through holistic knowledge governance.

Microcode is a Ugandan based thinktank and research entity focusing on "Information Systems Architecture"
and "Knowledge Governance"; to resolve both ongoing and emerging Global challenges and existential risks.
The research entity is founded by Kiyingi Martin, an Information Systems specialist with focus into
Ecosystems of symbiotic coexistence by freewill - Cravayance ”. Microcode is a [Wellbeing] research entity.

Strengthening Human endeavours to thrive, through Knowledge Governance.

Capacity building to enable Mankind grow into Knowledge of his Identity and Grow into other perspectives (Viewpoint) of the [Nature of reality] ; The prevailing [Nature of reality] is not limited to the physical perspective of reality (Arts & Sciences); for reality is not limited to ongoing physical Outcomes.

Growing and Strengthening, [Wellbeing] and pleasantness of coexistence; among ecosystemic species as they experiences the physicality.

At MICROCODE research entity, basing on the "Systems theory" we focus into Information Systems approches to make meaning of the [Fundamentals of existence]; so as to resolve Global challenges and existential risks.

Mankind is seeking for remedial measures to ongoing Individual, National, Global challenges and Existential risks; which he is continually causing by own [Capability for desire]. Mankind is basing on the [Knowledge of Outcomes] - Arts and Sciences to establish remedial measures; this is amateurish but a notable phase of Civilization.
The Mankind species is suffering from Possible Outcomes of own [Capability for desire].

[Man] does not know his identity, knowledge is limited to Physical Outcomes (Arts & Sciences).
Yet the [Cause /Input] of the ongoing Global challenges and existential risks is the [Nature of desire]; but Mankind is simplistically resolving symptomatic Outcomes - but not [Causes /Input].

Can [Man] depend on the knowledge of the physical reality (Arts & Sciences) - [OUTCOMES];
to ecosystemically alleviate the increasing complexity of Global Challenges & existentyial risks;
which he is the Causing agent as influenced by own Malevolent Nature or [Capability for desire]?
The Mankind, all ecosystemic species (Fauna, Flora, Aero, Aquatic and Voids) and the planet Earth,
is increasingly endangered by the [Nature of desire] especially of Mankind species.